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Iraq is indisputably one of the most attractive regions in the world having the immense oil & gas reserves and production potential. According to the recent reports, OPEC holds 81.9% of World petroleum reserves. Among OPEC members, Iraq is holding the top 4th crude oil reserves, after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran (by the end of 2015). AIFE Overview - Asia international import food expo ,AIFE 2017 Asia(Beijing) International Import Food Expo(short for “AIFE”), approved by Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C, is organized by Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Company and will be held at China International Exhibition Center(CIEC) during April 17-19,2017.To review AIFE2016 Shanghai exhibition, attracting more than 1000 exhibitors and brands from 30 countries: United States Ahmad Dahbour - This Week in Palestine Ahmad Dahbour is a renowned Palestinian poet from the Revolution Generation. He was born in Haifa, Palestine, on April 21, 1946. On the day of his second birthday, his family was exiled from Palestine to Lebanon as Haifa fell into the hands of the Zionists, and the family ultimately settled in …

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مركز زين الخبير المغربي للتجميل التقليدي. تـــــــــقـديــــــــــم. التجميل الطبيعي بالنباتات والأعشاب والزيوت الطبيعية الطبية كان إلى جانب إهتمامي وخبرتي بها وبحكم عملي في هذا المجال إرتأيت أن أنتج هاته الضغط والصحة - القروي.علم النفس